Five-dimensional interpretation of soil contaminations

A new dimension in the management of soil data

Interpretation of soil and in particular ground water contaminations in most cases happens in a tradition manner, with a layered visualisation of the contours of a contaminated site at different depths. Stacks of reporting documentations and so called ‘flag maps’ are understandable for technical specialists, but do not give the information clearly, to help us make strategic decisions or explain the situation to stakeholders. 5D however does. With unique 3D visualisations, combined with the dimensions of time and money, 5D gives a crystal clear view of the movement of ground water contaminations over time and what the results of investments are with regards to the development of the contamination. This ensures that both the monitoring budget as well as budgets for remediation are spent optimally, while giving everyone involved a clear five dimensional overview of the situation.




clear view for all involved

Three-dimensional visualizations

Using a three-dimensional interpolation of the various measuring points on the x-, y- and z-coordinates, we uniquely visualize soil contaminations and the manner in which they spread through the soil or aquifer. Cross-sections of the groundwater contaminations and the deduced surface, offer the possibility to calculate the volume and the total load of the contaminations. The groundwater contamination is literally imaged, providing insight into and understanding of the situation, for all stakeholders involved.

Time, the fourth dimension

The comparison of data from different monitoring intervals gives insight into the development over time: is the contamination stable or is the amount of spreading a reason for intervening? The output of the model can also be exported to groundwater modelling software to model the transport of the contaminations and to make predictions based on degradation modules (Visual ModFlow). This forms a clear basis for quantifying proliferation risks of groundwater contaminations and predicting the behavior over a longer period (a requirement in the Dutch Soil Protection Act).





Money, the fifth dimension

Based on the insight and changes of soil and groundwater contaminations over time, decisions on the continuance, adjustments or termination of monitoring and remediation projects can be made. Costs obviously are important in this process. With 5D, you can calculate the cost of different scenarios. With insight into the fifth dimension, money, 5D provides the necessary information to make an informed decision. This is important not only to reduce the expenditure, it also provides a detailed rationale for discussions on required reserves and budgets.

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Willem Havermans

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Calculated situation in 2029. Autonomously, without intervention.



Calculated situation in 2044. Autonomously, without intervention.


Calculated situation in 2029. Actively remediated.


Calculated situation in 2044. Actively remediated.